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NASA Spotlites videos are short (90-120 second) student-produced videos designed to address science misconceptions. The videos are used within classroom-ready 5E lessons that utilize interactive technologies. Lessons foster conceptual change and deeper understanding of scientific vocabulary.

Subject Matter Experts as Educators

Subject Matter Experts as Educators (SME2) videos are produced by students through digital media classes. Students edit raw footage from interviews with NASA engineers and scientists to create SME2 videos, providing an insider's view of STEM careers. These videos are designed to bring the experts into the classroom.

Play video - NASA SME<sup>2</sup>: What are Bioindicators?

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Interactive Lesson: Subject Matter Experts as Educators

NASA SME2: What are Bioindicators?

Join Jessica Taylor at the Virginia Living Museum as she explains bioindicators.
Produced by Newport News Public Schools in Newport News, Virginia.

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