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NASA eClips™ Guides are resources that can be used in formal and nonformal educational settings.

Educator Guides provide examples of ways teachers may effectively use video segments as an instructional tool. All lessons are presented in the 5E delivery model and are aligned to national standards for science, math, and technology.

Guide Lites are individual activities from approved NASA eClips Educator Guides that are well-suited for informal settings. NASA eClips video segments that support each activity are identified in the lesson.

Engineering Design Packets introduce students to a formal design process. A rubric is included to assist with evaluation. These open-ended packets can be applied to any design project and can be used to enhance existing curriculum.

Interactive Lessons use a variety of digital technologies and hands-on activities to bring about conceptual change and deepen scientific knowledge.

NASA Launchpad: Lunar Habitats - Home on the Moon

NASA Launchpad: The Colors of Ice

NASA Launchpad: The Great Boomerang Challenge

NASA's Real World: Balloon Aerodynamics Challenge 1 and 2

NASA's Real World: Measuring Raindrops

NASA's Real World: The Light Plants Need

Our World: Crater Maps and Earth Landforms

Our World: Designing a Cloud Cover Estimator

Our World: Dirt

Our World: Keeping the Beat

Our World: Rose Colored Glasses - A New Camera for Hubble

Testing... 1, 2, 3... Testing

Objects at Rest - Student Packet

Objects at Rest - Teacher Packet