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NASA eClips™ V.A.L.U.E. Bundle
Sun's Position

NASA eClips™ Videos
Our World: Sun's Position
Find out more about how our sun's position in the sky changes due to Earth's rotation, revolution and tilt.
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NASA Spotlite Interactive Lessons
This 5E lesson guides students through experiences to arrive at a deeper understanding why the sun’s location in the changes throughout the year.

Sun’s Position Teacher Packet
Downloadable Interactive PDF
Seasons Teacher Packet
Downloadable Interactive PDF
Nearpod Lesson
Sun’s Position
NASA Spotlite Videos
Student-produced videos confronting misconceptions.
Misconception: The Sun rises and sets in the same location every day.
NASA Spotlite: Sun's Position
Students often have a difficult time understanding the location of where the sun appears during sunrise and sunset changes over the year.

Misconception: Earth’s distance from the Sun causes seasons.
NASA Spotlite: Seasons
NASA eClips Educator Guides
NASA eClips Educator Guide Solar Images
In this activity participants will create a picture of the sun. During an EXTENSION experience, participants will use the solar picture to model the difference between a partial and total solar eclipse.
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NASA Ask SME Videos
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Partner Resources
NASA Space Place
What Causes the Seasons?
Learn more about how Earth’s movement around the sun and its tilt.
Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses
What is the difference between the two?
NISENET: Big Sun, Small Moon
Use different types of balls to learn about the eclipse.
Goddard Space Flight Center
The Reasons for the Seasons
Student use heat lamp and thermometer to investigate seasons.
Light, Directly
Students investigate direct verses indirect sunlight using a sun angle analyzer.
Observing Earth’s Seasonal Changes
Make observations about seasonal changes using snow/ice data.